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  1. Given all the proposed development is there any consideration, by anyone, in Herefordshire of the broad issue of local / county road infrastructure capacity and safety. If say 200 odd homes are built in Walford, where do all the resultant vehicles go — well likely 95% in to Ross town and beyond. At peak times it is becoming almost impossible to pass through Ross without significant delay and without risking the life of a pedestrian here and there. Sometimes, I make my journey from the M50 to Coughton via Kern Bridge — yet more CO2.
    Is there any joined-up ‘strategic thinking’ regarding road infrastructure going on anywhere in Herefordshire, or are we just thinking within our own dis-connected little NDP boxes. There appears to be a continuing planning obsession with ‘vision splays’ and access on to the existing road system. I do appreciate that strategic / forward thinking is a difficult concept / exercise for all levels of government in the UK to grasp. My experience has been that more such thinking is undertaken in a mobile telephone company.
    Any plans to rebuild the Hereford-Ross-Gloucester railway with a branch to Kern Bridge. Manchester’s tram/light rail system would be a good example to follow.

    • Unfortunately within the context of the NDP, we can’t really comment on your observations, as Transport policy is a matter reserved to Central Government with some devolved responsibility to Local Authorities. You may be interested to read the Herefordshire Council Local Transport Plan strategy and policy documents. Please find a link to them here: https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/travel-transport/local-transport-plan. Currently The Core Strategy (part of the Herefordshire Local Plan providing the strategic planning framework for the county’s future development needs up to 2031) requires Walford Parish to provide an additional 91 new dwellings between 2011 and 2031. Should planning applications come forward which would potentially exceed the 91 then HC will process them in accordance with both the Local Plan and any adopted NDP along with consideration against Policy MT1 in respect of any impact on the transport network/infra-structure, traffic management, highway safety and promoting active travel, which is also informed by the Local Transport Plan referred to above.

      On behalf of the NDP Steering Group


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