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Walford Parish Council has formally approved the NDP for consultation under Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. Following that resolution, any representations concerning the approved draft NDP will need to be submitted through the formal regulatory consultation process.

Please await the notices that will be put on the website and that will go up around the parish and follow the instructions for providing feedback. We cannot take feedback before then and we can only accept methods of feedback that will be defined in those notices.

If you live in the Walford Parish and have something you’d like to say, make us aware of or have a question that you feel should be addressed publicly we will post your comments here.

Please note that any comments made here will be in the public domain.

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6 thoughts on “Your Comments”

  1. Can someone let me know what qualifications does Mr. William Bloxsome hold to become “consultant” on Walford NDP?????
    Can you also assure me that the afore mentioned gentleman has NO ties and does no longer work for Herefordshire Council???
    And, also, has NO ties and no longer works for the Data Harvesting company Data Orchard?????

    • The planning consultant is a Chartered Town Planner (MRTPI) and independent of any organisation. There is no conflict of interest.

      On behalf of the NDP Committee.

  2. Has anyone on the committee considered that the use of site 11R opposite a primary school will cause a major safety problem? Given that the proposed site will yield 40 plus properties, this will create in excess of 80 motor vehicles (based on average of 2 vehicles per household) all trying to exit this unacceptable site (11R) at peak hours whilst 200+ young children are making their way to school…….???????

    • Highway capacity is a legitimate concern and a consideration that was included in the site assessment. The suggested entrances/exits for all sites are outside of the 20mph school related speed zone that has been established along the B4234.

      Any access to site 11(R) would need to meet Herefordshire Council’s standards for new development. It is considered that the standards for any junction and sight-lines onto the B4234 should be capable of being met close to the northern end of the site where it meets that road. This should be a sufficient distance from the Primary School and its associated parking. Herefordshire Council will be formally consulted upon the draft plan when it has been prepared and should this site be proposed, then its views upon any safety concerns will no doubt be given significant weight and used to revise the plan accordingly.

      On behalf of the NDP Committee

  3. With regard to the WNDP I would like to ask the following questions :~
    1) Why are the mobile homes sited on Coleraine Farm and Old Hill Farm not included in figures?
    2) WNDP 11 ~ is this not unsuitable due to the proximity of the overhead mains power-line, The Draper Study found that 600m was the minimum distance a Corridor around Power Lines should be considered due to the increased Child Leukaemia rates. Also, being an AONB, these power cables are due to be re-sited underground in the not to distant future!
    3) WNDP 11 ~ Why are out of date maps being used? DWG No. TCPA21/359 DOES NOT show Alder Close or any of the associated properties, so how can anyone make a judgement on this development?
    4) Why do new site developments keep being added if the Consultant has inspected the applications? Is this incurring extra cost to the Ratepayer?? If so can we have details of these costs???

    • Hi Keith,

      Thank you for questions.
      1) Herefordshire Council has classified them as temporary accommodation for seasonal workers and as such do not qualify as dwellings.

      2) There needs to be a corridor around this power line and this is taken into account in the site assessment. We are unaware of any plan to take this cable underground.

      3) I believe you quote the map sent by the owner with the site offering. Up to date ordnance survey maps from 2020 are being used by the consultant for assessment. The consultant also visited the location to see for himself.

      4) The council is obliged to consider additional sites offered up to the point that the first formal consultation has been completed. This is after the final draft NDP is submitted to Herefordshire Council later this year. There is no additional cost to the ratepayer.

      Many thanks

      On behalf of the NDP Committee


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