NDP Steering Group

The Steering Group has been formed to work in partnership with the Parish Council to manage the preparation of the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Walford Parish Council in order that it will then progress to independent examination and a successful community referendum.  The Terms of Reference of the Steering Group can be read HERE.

NDP Steering Group Members

The Steering Group is made up of Parish Councillors and volunteers from the parish.  The Steering Group also employs two specialist consultants to assist with the development of the Plan.  More about NDP Steering Group members HERE.


Regular meetings are held at either Walford or Bishopswood Village Hall normally on a Wednesday every three weeks or so.  Meeting dates and times are published on the calendar in advance.  All meetings are open to the public.  Please come along to ask questions, contribute your thoughts and ideas or just to listen.  Under current circumstances meetings are being held by video and teleconference instructions on joining meetings are published on the website calendar.


Minutes of the meetings can be read HERE.

Want to get involved?

The Steering Group welcomes interest and offers from new volunteers and is always keen to add to its skills base.  We also welcome help from community members who enjoy walking  and can help with tasks such as delivering leaflets and putting up posters (and taking them down again after the event).

Skills and Experience

Skills and experience needed for the project fall into the following general areas:

Project management and team building

Project management
Meetings and events

Developing content

National, town and country planning
Local knowledge and information
Report writing and presentation
Designing and using visual aids
Statistics and figures
Use of technology
Manipulation of Ordinance Survey Mapping Data

Community engagement

Social networking
Marketing and publicity
Contacts within the community
Market research