A Very Warm Welcome to our Neighbourhood Development Plan Website!

This website is designed to keep the community of Walford Parish up to date on progress, opinions, key issues, and events which will help formulate our Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)


It may seem that the Walford Neighbourhood Development Plan has been hanging around for ages, well that’s because it has!  The project to create a plan was started in 2012, but came to a halt after a short while to wait for the Herefordshire Core Strategy to be completed.  The Parish Council are the body responsible for the NDP supported by a Steering Group that undertakes the day to day tasks of progressing the project to the plan and gathering evidence.

Producing an NDP is a long and complicated process.  This website necessarily contains a lot of information that provides both our plan, the background evidence to support our plan and a record of the process used to create our plan.

Why are we creating a Plan?

Approving new amenities, houses and other buildings has been controlled through district and county councils since 1948, but in 2011 the Government introduced Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) to give communities more power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and on policies that would influence growth there.

Having our own NDP will enable the communities of our parish to play a much stronger role in saying where new developments are sited, and shaping the neighbourhood in which we live and work. Once adopted, the NDP will be used alongside national and county policies by the planning authority when making decisions.  These policies have already set out the increase in housing the Government believes is necessary, with Walford Parish required to provide 91 new dwellings between 2011 and 2031.  In the absence of an NDP, that requirement will be implemented without any  local input.