Walford Parish NDP Potential Development Sites Map As At 31st March 2020

Walford Parish NDP potential development sites map as at 31st March 2020

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  1. The map of NDP sites offered shows all of the sites that have been offered by landowners up to the deadline of 31st March 2020.
  2. These sites have not been fully assessed for suitability for housing and therefore do not represent sites that can be built on.
  3. Over the summer we will be having an independent assessment of all sites to determine which of them meets the needs in terms of suitability and numbers of houses required within our NDP.
  4. After this we will be presenting the results to the parish in public meetings to gather feedback before including them in the draft NDP to be presented to Herefordshire council.
  5. It is important to realise that any site, even if considered suitable, will need to go through the the normal planning approval process with Herefordshire Council who can grant or refuse permission even if we have included it in our housing plan.

Project Update – 21st April 2020

Following relaxation of the rules around conducting meetings online the steering group has returned to their task of planning and executing the Walford Parish NDP project. We are able to meet using WebEx and members of the public are able to join.  See the calendar on the NDP website or the Walford Parish website for details of how to join the meeting.

We are currently concentrating our efforts on two tasks:

  1. Development of vision, objectives and policy areas for the NDP document.
  2. Site assessment, having received a total of 30 sites within the parish which are offered for potential development towards our target of a minimum of 91 new houses for 2031.  We are setting site selection criteria which enable us to select suitable sites that meet the rules and standards that the National Planning Policy Framework and the Herefordshire Council Core Strategy dictate.  The 30 sites will be published once we have completed mapping them.

We are also checking what further tasks we might be able to proceed with during this time of lockdown and we will publish a revised project plan as soon as we can. Things will continue to be unclear for some time to come and so project planning is an imprecise art at the moment.

Thank you.

Project Update – 25th March 2020

The offered housing development sites were to be assessed in March and April as we stated in our consultation events in February.  However, given the restrictions with COVID-19 we have postponed this to a later date.  More information will be published as we receive it.

The deadline for submission of additional sites remains 31st March.