Minutes NDP Steering Group 27 May 2020

Held by WebEx conference call at 7:00 pm on Wednesday 27th May 2020

Present: Andrew De La Haye, Simeon Cole, Bob Puzey, Chris Barron

1. Apologies: To accept apologies and note reasons for absence
Jon Stern

2. Declarations: To receive declarations of interest and consider any written applications for dispensations
Cllr Cole declared any discussion about sites 6 or 7.

3. Minutes: To accept minutes of the previous meeting held on 16th March 2020
It was noted that minutes to be accepted as correct were for the meeting of the 6th May. The minutes were accepted.

4. Planning

4.1. To review amendments to the terms of reference for the steering group.
“Delegated Powers” – accepted
“Structure” – wording change to “supported by the parish clerk”, plus move “Structure” to incorporate in “Membership” and rename “Structure”.

Keep Coordinator title.
“Roles & Functions” – Incorporate under “Purpose” and remove repetitions. Add another bullet point “To progress the NDP document through all regulatory processes to adoption by HC”.
“Membership” – accepted.
“Publicity” – New wording proposed by Andrew which was accepted.
“Meetings” – Remove “and parish council noticeboards”. Alter to read “All meetings open to the public except where items of a commercially sensitive nature are to be discussed.” using words from the standing orders. Remove “Code of conduct” reference.
“Finance” – Reword to “Major items to be approved by Council”, delegated powers for the Parish Clerk to approve items less than £500 as required. Alter “finance officer will set up systems…” to “the Responsible Finance Officer will…”
“Dissolution of Steering Group” – Remove last line.
Action: Andrew to rewrite, distribute to steering group for approval then submit to clerk for inclusion in next council meeting. A note of the anticipated increase in clerk workload to be submitted alongside the revised TOR.

4.2. Review and amend the project plan.
Revised project plan now shows Regulation 14 NDP submission in November, resulting in a public consultation around December.
Draft Minutes 27052020_Bob-1 Page 2

4.3. To develop a list of deliverables to ensure we have everything in place for reg 14.
Andrew outlined the following as examples of what will be required:
• Draft NDP for Reg 14
• Evidence base
• Consultation record
• Consultation of local organisations and groups
• Consultation with Ward Councillor
• Area Map
Action: Andrew to draw up an initial list for discussion and identification of gaps.

5. Finance

5.1. Report on spending.
Spending in the current financial year to date is Nil.

5.2. Grant application status.
Chris reported that our grant application had been accepted and funds should be in our account by 29th May. We are now into the additional grant (as opposed to basic).

6. Communications

6.1. To devise actions to glean additional information within the parish, e.g. views.
Bill had suggested the use of a poster with a map for parishioners to mark their views and sites they would like protected. Under current Circumstances this was thought impractical.
Bob Suggested article in Newsletter asking for submissions, Chris would then add to a map on the website.
Action: Bob to draft article and process. Include views, sites to be protected, and biodiversity verges.

6.2. To review the website content and layout to support our objectives.
Bob stated that the look and feel of the website had been improved. It was agreed that the presentation was much clearer.
In future Items to be communicated where response was slow will be highlighted for approval in the report to Council.
Updates required: TOR and Aims And 0bjectives missing. Plan progress slide needs updating. Chris should be shown as a Councillor.
Finance statement to be added – Chris to produce.
Action: Bob to update website.

7. Other items.
Draft Minutes 27052020_Bob-1 Page 3

7.1. Andrew had received several emails to his personal address and queried how
they should be dealt with.
It was agreed that emails to individuals’ addresses should be responded to as thanks, but please send to NDP email address. They would then be discussed at the next NDP meeting and the Clerk would be asked to respond.

8. Items for next meeting agenda

8.1. Planning

8.2. Finance

8.3. Communications

i Facebook page updates.

9. Date of next meeting: to be agreed
Weds 1st July 7:30pm
Meeting closed 8:32 pm

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