Draft Minutes NDP Steering Group Meeting – Content 17 June 2020

Held via video conference
Thursday 17th June, 2020 at 19.30

Councillors: Chris Barron, Simeon Cole, Bob Puzey
Non- council members: Andrew De La Haye (Chair), Leigh Russell, Bill Bloxsome (Consultant), Jon Stern
There were no members of the public present

1. Apologies for absence – there were no apologies

2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation – Simeon Cole in respect of any matter connected with potential development sites WAL006 & WAL007

3. Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting held on 4th June 2020 were accepted as accurate.

4. Consultants

4.1. Review of outline NDP document
Bill Bloxham continued his walk through of the draft NDP from Appendix 2.  Andrew De La Haye to provide a list of ancient woodlands to enable Bill Bloxham to add to that section. Andrew De La Haye to supply same list with grid references to Chris Barron so that he may update mapping and supply a copy to Bill Bloxham. Leigh Russell to check list of LWS sent by Bill Bloxham. It was noted that the spelling of “Wythall” was incorrect in the Grade II* list – Bill Bloxham to correct. Bill Bloxham reported that he now has the history from Virginia Morgan and Bridget Vine. Bill Bloxham confirmed that the Playing field adjacent to Ross on Wye was owned by Herefordshire Council and is within the Parish of Walford.

4.2. Review final pieces of information needed for completion of the draft NDP
Andrew De La Haye walked through the NDP document highlighting missing data and the action to complete. A list of these was supplied by Andrew De La Haye for inclusion in the minutes as follows:

NOTE: this table can only be viewed in the PDF version (Attached below)

4.3. review the evidence base supporting the NDP draft

Bill Bloxham walked through the evidence base listing he had supplied earlier. Bill Bloxham to update with additional links. Bob Puzey to add to website.

4.4. Review and draft responses to emails
Andrew DE La Haye walked through emails from info@walford-ndp.co.uk inbox the SG agreed responses as follows:
4.4.1 Land Fill on Howle Hill – “Thank you for your email, the content of which has been noted”.

4.4.2 Cycle Way on old Railway line “We have passed your enquiry to the Parish Council”.

4.4.3 Sites in the process – Has been dealt with.

4.4.4 Agent information – Acknowledged reciept, no further action.

4.4.5 Map of potential sites on website – Chris Barron to update map to show potential sites as at 31st March. Bob Puzey to add to website with wording supplied by Andrew De La Haye.

4.4.6 “Sites atttached to…” – “Thank you for your email, the content of which has been noted”.

4.5 Additional items not on the agenda.
It was agreed that the Site Assessment report would not be published until fully completed, Andrew De La Haye to produce a statement for publication on the website. Andrew De La Haye to recommend this approach to the next Parish Council meeting.

Bill Bloxham walked through his weighting methodology paper. The SG approved and agreed option 1 for scoring.

Bill Bloxham confirmed that he was “shielding” until at least the end of June and would supply an update on his status on 1st July.

5. Items for next content meeting agenda
5.1 Review of amended draft NDP
5.2 Review action list

6. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 15th July 7:30pm
Leigh Russell to set up video conference meetings in future as WebEx free account meetings are to be limited to 50 minutes.

The Chair closed the meeting at 9:16pm


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