Minutes NDP Steering Group Meeting – Project 1 July 2020

Held via Webex Video conference
Wednesday 1st July, 2020 at 19:30

Councillors: Bob Puzey & Chris Barron
Non- council members: Andrew De La Haye (Chair) Leigh Russell
Members of the public – None

1. Apologies for absence – Jon Stern, Simeon Cole

2. Declarations: No declarations were given.

3. Minutes: The minutes from 17th June 2020 were accepted.

4. Planning:
4.1 To review and amend the project plan
A timetable suggested by Bill Bloxsome was reviewed in the Gant chart.
The steering group agreed that the next step is to present the draft NDP & site assessment report to the Parish Council in an extraordinary meeting in August which would occur 7 days before the next scheduled ordinary Parish council meeting. This will be the first sight the councillors will have had of these documents. They will be provided a copy to review following this walk through and will be asked to provide their approval in the scheduled August Parish Council meeting.
Once the approval has been received from the Parish council the Parish clerk will write to the site owners informing them of the outcome of their site. Lastly, there will be a public consultation in September.
The steering group agreed not to pursue the survey requirement as previously discussed.
Action: Chris to update the Gantt chart with the agreed steps including the removal of the survey requirement
Action: Andrew to discuss and agree the process with the Parish Council.
Action: Bob to draft a proposal on how to conduct the public consultation (of the site assessment report) in line with the current Coronavirus guidelines to include how to obtain feedback.
4.2 To develop a list of deliverables to ensure everything is in place for Reg 14.4.3.
The deliverables document was reviewed, updated and Andrew will save this on the Steering Group Google Drive.
Action: Andrew to review the missing items from the deliverables document with Bill and to create an action plan to complete them.
Action: Andrew to check if there are any outstanding actions for Parish Council regarding the draft HRA and draft environment report.
4.3 To check the completeness of our documentary evidence base (Google Drive)
Chris is maintaining the steering group Google drive monthly.

5. Finance
5.1 Report on spending
Chris updated the steering group that the spending to date, this financial year is zero. Approval has been given by the Parish Council for the spend of £7373 for consultancy services.
5.2 Grant status
Chris reported that the locality grant has been received by the Parish Council

6. Communications
6.1. To review actions to glean additional information within the parish, e.g. views.
Bob has published on the NDP website & the parish magazine (being posted shortly) to ask for members of the Parish to provide any photographs of views that they wish to protect by the end of July, which should be submitted by email
6.2. To review Facebook content and need to update content
Action: Leigh to Make Bob an admin on the Facebook page.

8. Items for next meeting agenda
• Next content meeting – to review any planning issues that have arisen from the current planning meeting
• Discuss printing costs and logistics for the NDP needs

9. Date of next meeting
7:30pm on 15th July via WebEx

The Chair closed the meeting at 20.50


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