Draft Notes of NDP Steering Group Meeting – 3rd August 2021

Online Meeting Held 3 August 2021 7:30pm

Present: – Joanne Akers, Chris Barron, Andrew De La Haye, Ruth Dolman, Peter Dunn, Janine
Liddle, Bob Puzey + 5 Members of the public

1. Apologies: – There were no apologies for absence.

2. Resignations: – It was noted that Fred Gibbs had resigned from the NDP Steering Group on 7
July 2021

3. Declarations: – There were no declarations of interest.

4. To Elect a Chair: – There was only one nominee, Andrew De La Haye who was duly elected.

5. Minutes: – It was resolved to accept the minutes of the NDP committee held on 28 May 2021
as a true record of the meeting.

6. To appoint positions:
6.1 Secretary: – There was only one nominee, Ruth Dolman who was duly elected.
6.2 Finance Officer: – There was only one nominee, Chris Barron who was duly elected.
6.3 Correspondence Coordinator: – There was only one nominee, Ruth Dolman who was duly
6.4 Website Coordinator: – There was only one nominee, Bob Puzey who was duly elected.
6.5 Project Plan Coordinator: – There was only one nominee, Chris Barron who was duly
6.6 Mapping Coordinator: – There was only one nominee, Chris Barron who was duly elected.

7. Correspondence Working Group: – Members elected are Ruth Dolman, Chris Barron and
Peter Dunn

8. NDP Process: – Bill Bloxsome gave a brief explanation of the NDP process

9. Questions from new members: – This section was opened up to past members of the
Steering Group too.
Janine Liddle queried if the Bridstow NDP had no large sites due to public opinion or because the
site owners of the large sites had withdrawn them.
Bill Bloxsome confirmed that the Bridstow Steering Group wanted only sites suitable for up to 5
dwellings. Some large site owners submitted Planning Applications for development. Hereford
Council rejected some and others were withdrawn. Bridstow just managed to get enough dwellings
using a windfall allowance and a memorandum of understanding with Ross Town Council.
Janine Liddle asked if WPC could use a memorandum of understanding?
Bill Boxsome said that was a matter for WPC and the NDP Steering Group to negotiate with Ross
Town Council.
Peter Dunn noted that “Public Opinion” was listed as an item for the next agenda in the minutes of
the last NDP Committee meeting but did not appear on the agenda for this meeting. It was agreed
that this would be discussed under item 10. Public Engagement.
Joanne Akers said a member of the public had commented to her that a site for 15 dwellings in the
Ross Town Council NDP had received Planning Permission for 40+ dwellings and wanted to know if
this is permissible.
Bill Bloxsome explained that Hereford Council would not accept a maximum number of dwellings for
any site, and stating a maximum number would not get past the Independent Examiner. Differences
in numbers can be apportioned to number of beds, so 2 x 5 beds could equate to 5 x 2 beds. Same
number of beds, more than twice the dwellings.
Andrew De La Haye added that the WPC NDP uses densities to establish numbers of dwellings per
site. Urban areas have higher densities and rural densities are accepted as being much lower.
Janine Liddle commented that she knew of 2 further sites where this had happened, one in Ross and
another in Howle Caple and the concern is that this could happen in Walford.
Peter Dunn requested clarification from Bill Bloxsome, if the WPC NDP stated maximum numbers of
dwellings for sites then Hereford council would reject it? Bill answered “Yes”.
Chris Barron added that the NDP uses additional criteria to determine dwellings for each site.
Andrew De La Haye added that the NDP is a list of policies not rules.
Bill Bloxsome confirmed that the number of dwellings are only indicators.

10. Public Engagement: – Bob Puzey reported that since the “sway” presentation went live only
34 people had viewed the presentation page even though in the past 30 days some 230
people had visited the NDP website. After discussion it was considered that the public had
developed a fatalistic view that their opinion doesn’t count and we need to consider how we
can remedy this. The WPC community engagement working group is meeting soon but the
timescale of the next newsletter may not fit with the NDP schedule. One possibility is to hold
another session in a village hall to engage the public but this needs to go to full council for
consideration. It was agreed to look into the definition of Major Development within an AONB,
and Peter Dunn and Janine Liddle agreed to go through the correspondence log to
extrapolate issues, and Andrew De la Haye will then send a list of questions to Karla Johnson
at Hereford Council for comments.

11. Site Assessments: – No new sites have been received however the owner of site 24 at the
urban fringe to Ross has advised that he now wants to revert to providing a care home at this
location rather than the suggested 5 dwellings. Bill Blosome is to consider whether this will
result in site 24 being removed from the ranking list.

12. Instructions from WPC: – None received as yet.

13. Q&A Session Preparation: – Ruth Dolman suggested that we have a projector setup to
display visual aids to assist councillors and panel members, manned by a Steering Group
Member who is neither a councillor nor a member of the panel. Peter Dunn agreed to man
the projector. Items discussed for display are, a map showing the location of the ranked
sites, maps of each settlement boundary, flood maps, the table of ranked sites, list of options,
FAQ’s, presentation slides, list of planning permissions and completions. Andrew De La
Haye will collate these and any others that arise from questions received from councillors and
give to Peter prior to the meeting. Ruth will send an email to the clerk for circulation to
councillors asking for questions in advance.

14. Project Plan: – Chris Barron confirmed that the EM scheduled for 8 Sept 2021 is the same as
estimated in the project plan so the timeline has not been affected.

15. Website: – Bob Puzey confirmed that the website had been updated with the new Steering
Group Members and the change from Committee to Steering Group. The newly elected
Chair will be updated following this meeting. The FAQ’s will remain outstanding until we
have confirmed housing figures from Hereford Council.

16. Public Participation Session:
Bridget Vine thanked Bob Puzey for the sway presentation.
Anselm Panes commented on the email content to Hereford Council and requested the AONB be
put forward as an item which might impact their decisions.

17. Items to take forward to full council:
Notes from this meeting
Report on answers received from questions to Hereford Council
Request questions in advance of Q&A session

18. Items for next agenda:
Housing Figures
Questions posed to Hereford Council – Progress
Memorandum of understanding with Ross Town Council
Public Consultations

19. Date and venue for next meeting: – TBC – Ruth Dolman suggested that we set a date 1 week
following the receipt of a reply from Hereford Council.


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