Neighbourhood Development Plan – March Update

From 4th January to 16th February 2022 Walford Parish Council conducted a formal
(Regulation 14) consultation on its draft Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).

The feedback from parishioners and other parish stakeholders and statutory consultees (like Environment Agency and National Grid) has been analysed by the NDP consultant and he has provided the council with 4 key documents which offer a way to action the relevant feedback. These are:

1. Schedule of Representations
2. Schedule of Alterations (39 changes) resulting from the representations
3. Submission (draft) NDP which contains all the alterations
4. Comments on the SEA and HRA for HC to process

The Parish Council has arranged an extraordinary meeting for 7th April 2022 at 7:30pm at Bishopswood Village Hall to discuss and agree how to deal with each of these documents. The documents will be available online (on the NDP and WPC websites) prior to the meeting and you are welcome to attend the
meeting. Following this meeting it is hoped that the council will submit the revised NDP to the Neighbourhood Planning team at HC for a further consultation, along with a Consultation Statement and a Basic Conditions Statement that are mandatory documents to detail how parishioners and other stakeholders have been consulted and how the process and documents have met the basic conditions relating to any NDP.

Upon receiving the submitted plan, the Neighbourhood Planning team are responsible for checking that all the required regulations have been met including consultation and publicity. If the plan meets all the requirements, it will then be published for 6 weeks for representations and the consultation bodies will be informed that the plan has been submitted (Reg 16). This will be undertaken by the Neighbourhood Planning team.

Following the conclusion of the 6 week consultation period, the Neighbourhood Planning team will make a recommendation regarding the plans progress to the examination stage, with the final approval being given by the Director of Economy, Communities and Corporate or the Assistant Director.