Minutes NDP Steering Group Meeting – Content 15 July 2020

Held via WebEx video facility.
At 7:30 pm on Wednesday 15th July 2020

Item 4.3 will be closed to the public because of the commercially sensitive nature of the discussion.

Present: Councillors: Bob Puzey & Chris Barron, Simeon Cole Non- council members: Andrew De La Haye (Chair) Leigh Russell, Jon Stern, Bill Bloxsome Members of the public – None Mr De La Haye proposed a change to the agenda running sequence: Item 4.1 to not be covered – Item 4.3 to be followed by 4.2 then rest. It was agreed.

1. Apologies: To accept apologies and note reasons for absence: None received.

2. Declarations: To receive declarations of interest and consider any written applications for dispensations: Cllr Cole declared for sites 6 & 7.

3. Minutes: To accept the minutes of the previous meeting held on 1st July 2020:
The minutes were accepted as accurate.

4. Consultants

4.1. To review the amended draft NDP.
Not covered this meeting.

4.3. Update on the site assessment progress.
Mr Bloxsome presented slides summarizing the site assessment and highlighting the issues and possibilities of each of the sites, answering any questions as they occurred. The accompanying site assessment report distributed by email provides the full assessment detail.
Action: Chris – Use figures for past 10 years to estimate trend for infill numbers for rest of plan. Completed as we met as this was included in other figures the total windfall number is 17. Mr Bloxsome to check and update the report.

We must have chosen our options for inclusion in the submitted plan. Mr De La Haye proposed that we present the options to the public then provide the options and what was selected as part of our plan.

There are several questions regarding configuration on some sites. Sites: 6, 7, 11, 21, and 24 will require discussions with landowners. Action: Mr Bloxsome to draft an email to be sent to agents and/or landowners following approval meetings with the full council.

4.2. To consider settlement boundaries.
Settlement Boundaries: Will consist “built up and adjoining areas” that have been defined plus the addition of allocated sites then define boundaries. To be discussed further.

Mr De La Haye proposed an agenda change as time was running out and there were several items still to be covered: It was agreed.

4.5. To review and draft responses to emails from info@walford-ndp.co.uk inbox.
Should we consider a new site? Landowners and agents will be able to submit up until Reg 14 plan submission. We are therefore obliged to look at all sites until then. Action: Mr De La Haye will respond to email and request a quick reply.

A continuation meeting was set for: Wednesday 22nd July 7:30pm.

Action: Mr De La Haye to circulate a table of emails.

The meeting was closed at 9:27 pm


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