Minutes NDP Steering Group Meeting – Content 22 July 2020

Held via video conference Wednesday 22nd July, 2020 at 19.30

Councillors: Chris Barron, Simeon Cole, Bob Puzey
Non- council members: Andrew De La Haye (Chair), Leigh Russell, Bill Bloxsome (Consultant), Jon Stern.
There were no members of the public present

1. Apologies for absence – there were no apologies

2. Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensation – Simeon Cole in respect of any matter connected with potential development sites WAL006 & WAL007

3. Minutes – The minutes of 15th July 2020 were agreed as a true and accurate record.

4. Consultants
4.1 Review of draft Site Assessment Report
There was a general discussion about whether selecting some sites for inclusion in the NDP could
prevent other viable sites from being developed, possibly because it might affect accessibility. It was
agreed that this was not a matter the NDP SG should consider as it was down to site owners to
determine the details of how their individual sites might be developed.
Site Ranking – All members of the SG agreed that the ranking of sites in the draft report was
Options – The 4 development options described in the draft report were reviewed. It was agreed that
Option 1 was potentially not viable due to the lack of obvious access to one of the sites. The owner of
this site had not yet responded to the query about access so a final decision on whether to include this
option could not made. It was agreed that Option 2 was feasible as drafted. There were potential
changes to both Options 3 & 4 which depended on the viability of one of the sites. The owner of this
site had not yet responded to the query about access so a final decision on whether to include this
option could not made. It was agreed to revisit Options 1, 3 & 4 at the next meeting of the SG.
Windfall Allowance – it was agreed that the proposed windfall allowances of 5 dwellings within
settlements and 12 dwellings in the open countryside were appropriate and, based on historical trends
within the Parish, are likely to be met within the Plan period.
Settlement Boundaries – after some consideration of the possible alternatives to defining settlement
boundaries the SG recognised that none of the possible options was ideal but felt that as a proposal
for public consultation defining settlement boundaries was the most appropriate way forward. The SG
therefore agreed to proceed with defining boundaries for all the settlements. There was further
discussion about how to set these boundaries and it was agreed to work with the built up area
boundaries shown in the Site Assessment report and add in the sites that were eventually to be
proposed for development in the draft NDP. This last stage would depend on the outcome of the
Options process.

4.2 Correspondence with Ross Town Council
Simeon Cole declared an interest, as a Ross Town councillor, in respect of this item.
The SG discussed the letter received from Ross Town Council in respect of sites 14 and 24.
It was agreed that further consideration of the matter would depend on responses from site owners in
respect of the site access arrangements.

4.3 Review of Outstanding Information list
The SG reviewed the outstanding information requirements list and noted that whilst there had been
some progress there were still a number of areas that could not be completed until the status of all the
Stage 2 development sites had been determined. It was noted that whilst satisfactory responses had
been received from the owners of some sites, replies were still awaited from the owners of 2 other
sites. These would enable completion of the report in time for the next meeting.

4.4 Review of emails received
The SG reviewed the emails received via the NDP website since the last meeting and agreed
responses in each case. It was noted that there had been few responses to the requests for views to
protect and the sizing of developments. It was also noted that although the SG had agreed to accept a
new site offer for consideration, no site registration forms had been received within the time limit set by
the SG.

4.5 Review of Project Planning Issues
It was agreed that there needed to be at least one further content meeting in advance of presenting
the Site Assessment Report to the Parish Council. It was expected that the presentation would be
roughly 7 days before the WPC meeting scheduled for 19th August so the Site Assessment Report
would need to be finalised before 10th August.
It was also agreed that there were significant challenges in organising a public consultation on the Site
Assessment Report and that this would need a Project Planning meeting to start considering how best
to address this.
Given the timescales it was agreed to arrange the next meeting to both finalise the Site Assessment
Report and to start planning for the public consultation.

5 Items for next meeting agenda
Final review of the draft Site Assessment Report
Initial planning for a public consultation on the Site Assessment Report including options for holding
public ‘face to face’ events

6 Date and time of next meeting
Wednesday 5th August 2020 at 7.30pm, to be held by video and audio conference

The chair closed the meeting at 21.24


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