Notes of Steering Group Meeting on Thursday 17th March

Notes of Online NDP Steering Group meeting held at 7:30 pm on Thurs 17 March 2022

Present: Andrew De La Haye, Chris Barron, Janine Liddle, Peter Dunn, Joanne Akers, Ruth Dolman
In Attendance: William Bloxsome and one member of the public

1. Apologies: There were no apologies for absence

2. Declarations: No declarations of interest or written applications for dispensations were received.

3. Minutes: The meeting notes of the previous meetings held on 1st and 9th March 2022 combined
were approved.

4. Review updates and templates from Bill Bloxsome
Draft Consultation Statement and Basic Conditions Statement had been circulated, these will be
completed following the WPC Extraordinary Meeting scheduled for week commencing 4 April 2022,
day to be confirmed upon confirmation from Bishopswood Village Hall on room availability. In the
meantime it was agreed that any spelling errors or omissions would be notified to Bill by email.

5. Review the Introduction from Ruth Dolman
Doc “WPC NDP EM Introduction to Reports & Decisions – V1” was approved for circulation to WPC

6. Review preparations for the WPC Extraordinary Meeting
The Clerk has enquired about room availability at Bishops Village Hall (BVH) for w/c 4 April 2022.
Provided BVH is available Chris Barron will set up 2 screens and be present with a laptop with
everything needed for the meeting and call up documents as required.

Chris will run a test session with Bill Bloxsome who will attend remotely to ensure good sound quality.
ACTION: Chris Barron / Bill Bloxsome

Joanne advised that none of the Councillors took up the offer of paper copies of schedules 1 and 2
following the WPC meeting. It was agreed that a reminder would be sent when the documents are

Draft agenda items were reviewed and minor adjustments to include reference to the “Environmental
Report” being previously known as the “SEA” and the addition of this and the “Appropriate
Assessment” to items which WPC may wish to delegate the quality assessment and sign off to the
NDP SG or add to a future WPC meeting agenda. Ruth Dolman is to advise these adjustments to the
Clerk and WPC Chair on email.

ACTION: Ruth Dolman

Chris mentioned that if BVH could invoice WPC for the room hire in March then this expenditure could
be allocated against the current year’s locality grant as there is no certainty that there will be a grant
available for 2022-2023. Joanne Akers agreed to liaise with the Clerk on this.

ACTION: Joanne Akers

It was agreed to put out an e-newsletter which Andrew De La Haye volunteered to produce. Joanne
suggested and it was agreed that this e-newsletter would be shared with Cllr Ross Whelan to put onto
the WPC FaceBook page.

ACTION: Andrew De La Haye

7. Public Participation Session.
Bridget Vine advised that BVH has regular bookings Mon – Wed evenings weekly, so it is likely that
BVH may be available on Thurs 7 or Friday 8 April.

8. Items for next meeting agenda
Instructions from WPC following the Extraordinary Meeting
Project Plan

9. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 12 April at 7:30pm Online

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