Notes of NDP Steering Group Online Meetings held 4 November 2021

Present: – Andrew De La Haye, Joanne Akers, Chris Barron, Janine Liddle, Ruth Dolman, Bill Bloxsome

1. Apologies: Apologies for absence were received from Peter Dunn

2. Declarations: No declarations of interest were received

3. Minutes: The notes of the previous meetings held on 29th September and 12th October 2021 were

4. Public Participation Session:
Bridget Vine gave thanks for the e-newsletter and updated project plan circulated to councillors to keep
them informed.

5. To define and plan the process for Regulation 14.

5.1. Draft submission
The Regulation 14 Draft Plan was sent to HC 25 October 2021

5.2. Timing of feedback from HC regarding necessary amendments
Andrew De La Haye reported that Hereford Council had confirmed that it would take 3-4 weeks to
produce the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA).
Chris Barron noted that this would take us to 22 November 2021 for the Project Plan.

5.3. Documents to consult on (NDP, SEA, HRA, Housing report? Etc.)
Bill Bloxsome confirmed that the documents to be consulted on would be the NDP, SEA and HRA. We
will need to provide access to paper copies of these along with the statutory notice and Feedback Forms
for the public to make formal representation. The timescale to do this is estimated at 1 week giving us an
estimated date to begin the consultation of 29 November 2021.
It was agreed to allow an extra 2 weeks for the consultation process to allow for Christmas and the New
Year (i.e. 8 weeks instead of 6) Chris Barron noted this increase for the project plan.

5.4. Number and location of copies of documents for consultation
It was agreed that copies would be posted online on both the NDP and the Walford Parish Council
Paper copies would be located at Ross-on-Wye Library, Bishopswood Village Stores & Garage, The Mill
Race and The Inn on the Wye (subject to their approval) 6 further copies would be held by Janine Liddle
for loan to members of the public.
Requests to view a loan copy will be made to the Clerk, either by email, or in writing. The Clerk will then
liaise directly with Janine Liddle who will organise the loan arrangements

5.5. Printing arrangements
Joanne Akers and Chris Barron will look at the feasibility of printing at Joannes company or at a printer
and report on costs. This may reduce the number of loan copies.

5.6. Process for handling feedback, (feedback options, feedback records, responsibilities,
processing of responses)
Feedback forms will be available on the website (for downloading) and in paper form – all forms should
be sent to the Clerk (either by email or post / by hand). The Clerk will then pass these to Bill Bloxsome
who will consider responses and produce a document with a list of representations and suggested
responses for review by the SG and then presented to WPC for approval (with amendments if any are
This may lead to changes to the plan, which will be made if required and the revised NDP Plan with the
list of representations will be presented to WPC for approval and then sent to Hereford Council by the
Clerk for Reg 15.
Joanne Akers will talk to the Clerk about his role in this.

5.7. Communications and advertising
Notices will be posted on the NDP and Walford Parish Council Websites, Facebook, and notice boards
around the parish as well as by e-newsletter.
Joanne Akers will call a Community Engagement WG meeting to discuss the possibility of producing a
Newsletter focusing on the NDP to be delivered to all households within the parish.

5.8. Statutory consultees (email, responses etc.)
The Clerk will send the documentation to the statutory consultees and other local consultees as agreed
at the WPC meeting on 20 October 2021. Andrew De La Haye will send this list to Bill Bloxsome who will
pair these with the relevant email templates and send them to the Clerk to send once the SEA and HRA
have been received from Hereford Council. Chris Baron will send a list of email addresses for the site
owners to Bill Bloxsome.
The Clerk will collate feedback and pass to Bill Bloxsome

5.9. Closing out Reg 14
We will need to produce a Consultation Statement and Basic Condition Statement to send to Hereford
Council along with the Regulation 15 NDP document.

5.10. Project plan update
Chris Barron concluded that with the timings detailed above this will put us at Reg 19 in February 2023

5.11. Other?

6. Negotiations with RTC
RTC Planning and Development Sub-Committee have approved the proposed Memorandum of
Understanding, subject to an amendment stipulating that Ross Town Council shall be entitled to S106
contributions for developments adjacent to the Ross settlement boundary.
Bill advised that there is little likelihood of any S106 monies coming from the site adjacent to the Ross
settlement within the NDP and suggested wording of the Memorandum of Understanding to ensure that
this agreement would only becomes operative should WPC fail to meet its target and that this clause will
be limited to the site currently on the boundary with Ross, i.e. site 24.
Bill will forward this wording to Ruth Dolman who will work on a revised MoU for consideration by WPC at their next meeting.

7. Communications
Andrew De La Haye agreed to start an article for the parish Newsletter for the Community Engagement
It was agreed to put a notice on the NDP website to inform the public that should they wish to make
representation, not to do so to the NDP email address but to send it to the Clerk. Andrew De La Haye
agreed to produce something to send to Bob Puzey and Karen Chin.

8. Items for the next meeting agenda
Printing arrangements
Communications and advertising
Negotiations with RTC
Routing emails
Project Plan

9. Date of the next meeting: Monday 22 November 2021 @ 7:30pm online.


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