Notes of the NDP Steering Group on Monday 27th June 2022

Notes of NDP SG meeting held online at 7:30 pm on Monday 27 June 2022

Present: – Andrew De La Haye, Chris Barron, Joanne Akers, Ruth Dolman

1. Apologies: No apologies were received

2. Declarations: No declarations of interest or written applications for dispensations were

3. Minutes: The notes of the previous meeting held on 7 June 2022 were approved.

4. Public Sessions Preparations: Venue bookings have been confirmed. WG members attending will arrive ½ hour before to set up.
Chris Barron will add a legend to the A0 map of Walford Parish and order a copy from
Instantprint and reclaim, including delivery, on expenses, via the Clerk.
ACTION: Chris Barron

Joanne Akers will print the A3 maps of the settlements. ACTION: Joanne Akers

Joanne Akers had circulated a draft of how the Target Housing Table with explanation & List of
Policies might look on A3 which still needs more work. Joanne to circulate for final signoff before
ACTION: Joanne Akers

Banners for both sites are now ready. Chris will erect one week in advance of the sessions.
ACTION: Chris Barron

Documents to be printed and available are: –
Environmental Report
Appropriate Assessment
Consultation Statement (June 2022)
Basic Condition Statement (June 2022)
NDP Submission Draft Plan (June 2022) ACTION: Joanne Akers

Joanne Akers reported that the newsletter with NDP article will be out to parishioners before the
first public session.
The Roles of the WG members at the two public sessions is to signpost the contents of the NDP
for parishioners who attend using the maps, posters and documents available.
Joanne Akers will no longer be in attendance for the session on Thursday 14 July.

5. Finance:
Chris Barron asked that someone check over the Project Finance Analysis FY21-22 report he
has prepared prior to it being published on the NDP website. Andrew De La Haye agreed to do
ACTION: Andrew De La Haye

6. Date of next meeting: To be confirmed

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