Notes of the NDP Steering Group on Tuesday 7th June 2022

Meeting Notes of the NDP Steering Group held online on 7th June 2022

Present: Andrew De La Haye, Joanne Akers, Chris Barron, Ruth Dolman

In Attendance: William Bloxsome

1. Apologies: No apologies were received.

2. Declarations: No declarations of interest or written applications for dispensations were

3. Minutes: The notes of the previous meeting held on 4th May 2022 were approved.

4. Quality assessment on the updated Environmental Statement and Appropriate
Assessment (ER & AA)
The ER & AA documents and policy maps had been received from Karla Johnston of
Herefordshire Council. Checking these documents found that Herefordshire Council have not
made many of the changes reported. These can be pointed out to Herefordshire Council by
individuals during the Reg 15/16 consultation and to the independent examiner if needed. To
avoid any further delays in the process it was decided to present the documents as they stand
to WPC for sign off for use at Reg 15/16 as these will not change the conclusions in the final
section relating to these two documents.

5. Quality assessment on the Consultation Statement
There are 2 items still outstanding, namely, Item 6 – 14-11-2012 -Adopted NDP Committee TOR
and item 17 – 10 May 2017 – Presentation to the Parish meeting by the NDP Steering Group
summarised in the Annual Parish Meeting minutes.
Joanne Akers advised that despite her best efforts she had not managed to resolve the issues
with accessing these documents on the WPC website with Mark Milmore. It was agreed that
Ruth Dolman would forward the documents to Bill Bloxsome to be appended to the Consultation
ACTION: Ruth Dolman / Bill Bloxsome

6. Quality assessment on the Basic Condition Statement
The Basic Conditions Statement has been finalised, quality checked by the Steering Group and
is ready for WPC consideration
Bill Bloxsome will liaise with the Clerk to ensure the correct version of all 5 documents and stand
alone copies of the maps are sent to Herefordshire Council if WPC approval is received on 15
June 2022.
ACTION: Bill Bloxsome

7. Finance: The Locality grant application for 2022/23 was submitted on 5 May 2022 and an
offer received for £2,785. This was accepted by the Clerk and a remittance advice has been
Chris Barron agreed to produce an outturn report for 2021/22 for circulation before posting onto
the NDP website.
ACTION: Chris Barron

8. Project Plan: – Chris Barron advised that if the documents are approved for submission at
the next WPC meeting on 15 June 2022 then we will be on track for adoption / or not of the NDP
at the end of May 2023. However should Herefordshire Council decide to make it an 8 week
consultation to allow for the summer holidays then this would make it the middle of June 2023.

9. Public Sessions Preparations
Joanne Akers confirmed she has provisionally booked the village halls on Saturday 9 July in the
morning at Walford Village Hall, and on Thursday 14 July in the evening at Bishopswood Village
Hall. It was agreed that the morning session at Walford Village Hall would be held from 10am to
12pm, and the evening session at Bishopswood Village Hall would be held from 7pm to 9pm
(dependent on these times being acceptable to the village halls). Joanne Akers to Check.
ACTION: Joanne Akers

Visual Exhibits: – Chris Barron had carried out a print quality test and confirmed feasible sizes.
It was agreed to produce the following: –
Map of the whole Parish, to include flooding, SAC and SSSI sites. – A0
Chris Barron will circulate this map in pdf for the group to decide if these features should be
included, or if they make the map too difficult to read.
ACTION: Chris Barron

Settlement maps with allocated sites areas plus committed sites (RA2 and RA3 with 3 dwellings
or above) – A3 (All sites to be printed in the same scale)
ACTION: Chris Barron

2 maps from the Environmental Scoping Reports – N/A It was decided these were not needed
as they will be included in the map of the whole parish.
Target Housing Table with explanation of how this has been imposed by Government and a List
of Policies with descriptions. Joanne volunteered to look at how this can be sectioned and
displayed on A3
ACTION: Joanne Akers

Chris Barron showed the group 2 banners which can be altered for the purposes of these
sessions. It was agreed that the banner to be displayed at Walford Village Hall would have
details of both sessions on it and the one for Bishopswood Village Hall, being the later session
would be specific to that session only. Chris will alter the banners accordingly.
ACTION: Chris Barron

It was agreed to have one copy of the final documents printed and available to view at these
sessions. Joanne volunteered to print these at her works.
ACTION: Joanne Akers
Joanne volunteered to provide refreshments in the form of tea and coffee and possibly snacks.
ACTION: Joanne Akers

10. Items for next meeting agenda.
Public Sessions preparations

11. Date of next meeting: 27 June 2022 Online at 7:30pm


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