Notes of the Steering Group Meeting on Wednesday 4th May 2022

Meeting Notes of the NDP Steering Group held online on 4th May 2022
Present: Andrew De La Haye, Joanne Akers, Chris Barron, Ruth Dolman
In Attendance: William Bloxsome
1. Apologies: The resignation of Peter Dunn from the NDP SG on 25 April 2022 and the
resignation of Jannine Liddle on 4 May 2022 were noted.
2. Declarations: No declarations of interest or written applications for dispensations were received.
3. Minutes: The notes of the previous meeting held on 12th April 2022 were approved.
4. Quality assessment on the updated Environmental Statement and Appropriate Assessment (ER & AA)
The ER & AA comments were submitted to Herefordshire Council on 21 April 2022 and Karla
Johnston of Herefordshire Council advised that the Environmental Reports SEA/AA and policies
maps are likely to take around 4 -5 weeks to complete, which takes us to 26 May 2022.
Chris Barron suggested that we request the policies and maps from Karla as each is ready instead
of waiting until they are all available. This was agreed.
ACTION: Andrew De La Haye
5. Quality assessment on the Consultation Statement
There are 2 items still outstanding, namely: –
Item 6 – 14-11-2012 -Adopted NDP Committee TOR – The Clerk is receiving an error message
when trying to upload this to the Website.
Item 17 – 10 May 2017 – Presentation to the Parish meeting by the NDP Group given at the
Annual Parish Meeting – The Clerk has uploaded the minutes but as yet they are not visible.
Joanne Akers advised the problem could be the lack of an add on called File Pro which she agreed
to try to get added to the WPC Website to overcome these issues.
ACTION: Joanne Akers
Bill Bloxsome suggested, as a fall back, that we can append them to the submission draft. Another
alternative would be to post the documents onto the NDP Website.
6. Quality assessment on the Basic Condition Statement
Bill Bloxsome is awaiting the ER/AA from Herefordshire Council to finish, which is due by 26 May
7. Finance: The refund to Locality was made on 20 April 2022. Chris Barron reported that the
submission of the grant application for 2022/23 has been bouncing back. The problem is that one
field states the limit is 200 words but it has been formatted to only accept 255 characters. Chris will
revise the entry for this field and re-submit in the coming days and we should have an offer back in
the next couple of weeks.
ACTION: Chris Barron
8. Project Plan: – Bill Bloxsome advised that the Environmental Reports ER/AA and policies maps
being due by approx 26 May 2022 may mean that Herefordshire Council might extend the
consultation period to 8 weeks instead of 6 if it was over the Summer. Until we have these
documents and maps and can better judge any changes to the project plan, the existing iteration
will stand.
9. Any preparations for Public Sessions
It was decided to limit the public sessions to 2 hours and members of the SG will attend.
Provisionally on Saturday 9 July in the morning at Walford village Hall, and on Thursday 14 July in
the evening at Bishopswood Village Hall. Joanne Akers will contact both venues about availability.
ACTION: Joanne Akers
Visual Exhibits: –
Map of the whole Parish – A0
Settlement maps indicating each allocated site’s area plus committed sites (RA2 3 dwellings or
above) – A1
2 maps from the Environmental Scoping Reports – A3
Target Housing Table with explanation of how this has been imposed by Government – A3
List of Policies – A3
Chris Barron will test print quality at A4 first and then look at the feasibility of the sizes suggested.
ACTION: Chris Barron
Chris Barron will check with Bob Puzey on the condition of the 2 existing banners
ACTION: Chris Barron
It was agreed to have printed copies of all the documents for Reg 16 at both sessions. Numbers to
be discussed nearer the time.
10. Items for next meeting agenda.
Quality Assessment on ER & AA
Quality Assessment on Consultation Statement
Quality Assessment on Basic Condition Statement
Project Plan
Public Sessions preparations
11. Date of next meeting: 8 June at 7:30pm online.

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