Informal Housing Questionnaire Responses to Questions Published

The Informal Housing Questionnaire included an open question (Q4) to allow individual comments to be fed back.  Several respondents raised questions within their responses which have been answered and added to the website HERE.

The questions and responses have also been added to the Q & A Correspondence Log.

2 thoughts on “Informal Housing Questionnaire Responses to Questions Published”

  1. With regard to your reply to my question regarding Bill Bloxsome’s references, and I quote, “The Chair of Goodrich NDP group confirmed their view that Bill Bloxsome had been helpful in moving things along, not least with HCC and had definitely not contributed to delays. Indeed, his contribution seems to have been particularly important for preparing and expediting the pre and post Article 14 submissions.
    The Chair of Whitchurch NDP group was full of praise for Data Orchard and, regarding Bill Bloxsome, and mentioned how useful Bill had been at resolving potential hold-ups and delays.
    Virtually all the delays they experienced had come from HCC and Bill’s experience there had apparently helped considerably in resolving issues quickly and straightforwardly.”
    This is NOT what I asked, I and other parishioners want to see his references and to be assured that he is not passing on information of any sort regarding the village or villagers to Data Orchard …

    • The contract between Walford Parish Council and the Consultant contains a robust confidentiality clause that prevents any disclosure of data other than for the purposes of execution of the assignment.

      On behalf of the NDP Committee.


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